This week's ReaLawstate with Patti and Kate was concerned with real estate and the current corona virus outbreak.  How does this affect the real estate world?

The overriding theme of this week seems to be fear.  Everyone is fearful of the virus and does not want to be sick, especially the young and the old and people on medications and compromised immune systems.

With the recent restrictions in the state of Massachusetts, this is affecting school, people's income, and way of life.  It's an upsetting time, but we will come through this if we work together.

We have a strong real estate market right now.  It's a great time to list your home.  Buyers are still out looking and inventory is low. Steps are being put into place to try to prevent a recession.

How does real estate adapt to these changes?  Virtual 3-D tours are a great tool! BOLD Real Estate offers a great 3D tour for all their listings.  It's a great way for buyers to feel like they are actually touring the house without actually being there. Video is also great.  Kate did a great video of her Open house this weekend to help buyers become acquainted with the features of the house even if they didn't want to be present.

BOLD Real Estate has unique features to help their clients, such as co-owner  Patti, the broker and also attorney, ready to look over the Purchase and sales for the client quickly and easily. They also offer their BOLD bus and BOLD bins services.

There may be issues with the Registry of Deeds and recent shutdowns but this should not hold up closings.

The bottom line is that everyone is ready to help their neighbors and community to get everyone through this crisis. The real estate market will keep rolling along.  Buyers and sellers are ready to move on.

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