Purchasing Your Home

“DO I NEED A BUYER’S AGENT TO BUY A HOME?” This is asked by many.  The answer is “YES” if you want your interests advocated and protected!  There are 2 opposite, and opposing sides, to a real estate transaction.  If you were being sued, would you hire the Plaintiff’s attorney to defend you? No, of course not! Admittedly the seller and buyer have some similar interests, since the seller wants to sell his/her home and the buyer wants to buy his/her home.  Like anything else, the devil is in the contractual details.  Deadline dates, refundable deposits, contingencies, inspections, title defects, lender pitfalls… these are all areas where the 2 opposite sides can get complicated, stressful and can cost you money.  Our BOLD Agents are guided by an attorney and are trained to advocate for your interests… and they are a lot of fun to shop with!

Any major purchase requires research, careful analysis, consideration, and thought. Home buying isn't any different! Determining the right location, the number of bedrooms or bathrooms needed, and outdoor space is the easier things. However, there are many other factors to think about in your home search.

We treat our buyer clients like family, and are committed to removing stress from your transaction! We even help your move with our BOLD Bus!

From your initial search to the moment you get the keys to your new home, we will be there, guiding you through the process. We can even help connect you with mortgage professionals to get the best rates and service.

As community BOLD experts, we can help educate you on the different neighborhoods, schools, and other local community amenities that suit your lifestyle.  



Home Buying Can Be Easy
As your exclusive buyers agent, we can help streamline the process of buying a home and make it easier for you. We’ve aligned ourselves with the top professionals in the industry, and once an offer has been accepted, we will personally help facilitate the process to close on the home. Our Owner, Patricia McArdle, is an attorney, and in this complicated buying environment, this is priceless!

Curious about what’s happening in your neighborhood? You can create a custom market report to see what’s active, under contract, and sold in your neighborhood! 


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