What is happening in real estate with the corona virus pandemic? 

Well, a new development is video Open Houses!   Real Estate has been utilizing 3D Virtual Tours on all their listings for quite a while.  It's a dollhouse version of the home.  You can virtually tour the house room by room and feel like you have actually toured the home.  It gives you a great sense of the layout of the home and is a great tool to get a feel for the house besides looking at the photos.

Now with social distancing, many buyers may be nervous about actually touring a home with other buyers present.  Now limiting the amount of people who may tour the home is recommended during an Open House, keeping the amount to under 25 guests.

Another option gaining popularity is the video tour.  The listing agent can videotape a tour of the home as they travel from room to room explaining all the features of the home.  It can be used hand in hand with the 3D virtual tour with the agent explaining different features from each room.  Welcome to our Crib!

Real estate is still carrying on in these trying times and finding new ways to keep clients safe, but still navigating their real estate journey. Open House Videos can be a great part of this.

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